I have enjoyed cultivating my skills as a teaching assistant for five professors, and an independent instructor in courses on statistic methods and organizations at UNC. My course evaluation score for the Formal Organizations and Bureaucracy course was 4.75/5 (where “5” is the highest score possible). I also worked as a statistical consultant at Odum Institute at UNC to help social scientists apply statistical methods in their research. As an Assistant Professor, I look forward to improving my teaching and mentorship skills by offering undergraduate and graduates courses on entrepreneurship, organizations, economic sociology, social inequality, the labor force, gender and family, linear regression, longitudinal analysis, structural equation modeling, survival analysis, and survey methodology.

Teaching Interests:

Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Formal Organizations and Bureaucracy

Social Inequality and Labor Force

Economy and Society

Survival Analysis

Hierarchical Linear Regression

Survey Methodology

Course Taught:

Lecturer: Data Collection and Analysis, Undergraduate course at UNC-CH

Lecturer: Formal Organizations and Bureaucracy , Undergraduate course at UNC-CH

Teaching Assistant: Collection and Analysis, Undergraduate course at UNC-CH (Ken Bollen)

Teaching Assistant: Labor Force, Undergraduate course at UNC-CH (Arne Kalleberg)

Comments from my students’ course evaluations:
“The instructor chose wonderful and challenging reading, assigned exceedingly well thought out projects, and was exceptional in her presentation throughout the
course. I really enjoyed this class!!”
“I really enjoyed this class. The positive energy and enthusiasm from the instructor motivated me to stay, continue and finish this very intense semester (summer II).”